Adafruit + iWALK 2.0 = Blinky, Mechanized Micah

The Background In March 2018, I was playing volleyball and broken my 5th metatarsal, a small, weight-bearing bone in my foot. When I went into for an X-ray, the doctor told me that it was the most frequestly broken bone in the foot and that "95% of people heal up just fine in about 3... Continue Reading →

Bake-off: Travel Routers

Why I've started traveling more and that means connecting to the Internet through less-trusted networks. Always nice to have another layer of security when doing more-risky things so I started looking for a good travel router. It is a confusing marketplace right now with some devices focusing on user features such as sharing files from... Continue Reading →

All is not what it appears to be (A high school demo)

Background Recently, I spoke to a local group of high school juniors about the "real" Internet world. It was a fun talk where I covered a variety of topics from: "Nothing is truly anonymous" to "Everything you put on the Interwebs will be around for ever"...and other things. But I didn't want to do a... Continue Reading →

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