Grabbing old Bitmoji outfits with BACKMOJI

So my good buddy Griffin wrote a blog post about how you can iterate through the Bitmoji outfits of accounts. He discussed how it is possibly important for the OSINT world.

I took his research and, well, made a tool to grab the X number of outfits from a specific user’s Bitmoji number.

Introducing BACKMOJI helps you enumerate historic outfits from a Bitmoji user account.

To use this tool, you have to already have the Bitmoji ID that Griffin mentioned in his blog post. Optionally, grab the number right after the ID as that represents a specific Bitmoji outfit. I stole the image from Griffin’s blog post and marked it up. The 1 below shows the ID and the 2 shows the outfit ID number.

Bitmoji ID (1) and Outfit version (2)

Take those values to and enter those into their specific fields (Bitmoji ID and Upper value, respectively). NOTE – I like adding 10-20 numbers to the outfit ID number just in case you are viewing an older outfit.

In the image below, I:

  1. Put the Bitmoji ID from Griffin’s target Bitmoji URL.
  2. Added a value of 10 to the highest known Bitmoji avatar to get the Upper value.
  3. Used the default value of 5 for the S Value.
  4. Used the default value for Bitmoji avatars to be 200 pixels high.
  5. Clicked the “Grab Images!” button.
BACKMOJI values filled in


Once you press the “Grab Images!” button, your browser will request up to “Upper Limit” number of images from Each will be displayed in the web page below along with a hyperlinked version of the filename. Click it and a bigger image will be launched in a new window.

If there are no images, you will see broken image elements. Sometimes the outfit numbers change but the outfit stays the same. That is normal.

Here’s an example of the output of the tool. You get a front and side image for each Bitmoji version. Note changes in clothing and hair.

Example output for the tool showing different Bitmojis


So…a new tool to use. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go read Griffin’s blog about the OSINT implications of this technique.

I regret I have no embarrassing images of myself to end my blog with so I’ll amplify Griffin’s embarrassing image by pasting it here.

Griffin and his birdie.
Griffin and his birdie.

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