Resources Mentioned in My 2022 DEFCON Recon Village Keynote

Quick blog post here to share some of the resources I showed in my 2022 DEFCON Recon Village Keynote ( Details about the talk are below.


The Future of Collecting Data from the Past: OSINT Now and Beyond


The OSINT field is evolving at an incredible rate! Each day investigators and hobbyists access the latest images from military conflicts around the world. OSINT analysts use automated processes to generate false personas and to collect data from an ever-increasing number of social media platforms. Private digital records are released to the public internet and we use this data to help solve the questions posed to us, the OSINT researchers of today.

This is now. A time when OSINT communities are connecting and supporting their members. A time when we have thousands and thousands of hours of podcasts and online videos, blog posts and pages that teach us skills and point us to resources.

So, what does the future look like for the OSINT field? What are the new areas of “hotness”? How do we help to move the field forward? Come join Micah Hoffman as he discusses where the OSINT field is and what the future of OSINT could look like.



Unfortunately, this talk was not recorded and the slides are not available (but it was amazing!)

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