Private Presentation Links

Here are the links to the sites and tools I spoke about in a private presentation on 4 Feb 2021: General Resourceshttp://osintframework.deLive demo,lon,#mi (example: geocode:37.190,-26.234,2mi)https://untappd.osint.ninjaInstant Data Scraper Chrome extensionhttps://osintcombine.toolshttps://whatsmyname.appClosing Resourceshttps://osintcurio.us If you enjoyed the presentation, please let me know or on Twitter at WebBreacher

SeaSec East/SeaSec Meetup

Here are the links for the SeaSec Meetup presentation I gave in August 2020:,-122.336000,10.27z Data Scraper Google Chrome Extension

2020-May SANS @MIC: “Moving Past Googling It” Companion Post

Just gave a SANS @MIC talk and wanted to share the links to the sites and tools I discussed. A video of the talk is below:,41.053944,3.75z Data Scraper Google Chrome Extension

We are OSINTCurious!

I've been working with some of the amazing people in the OSINT world for a while. Most are amazing and so willing to share ideas. So we decided to create a trusted, online resource at Definitions OSINT - "a method of using open source tools to collect information from publicly available sources and then... Continue Reading →

DEX Talk Notes

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Dutch DEX-XL conference in The Netherlands. I'm trying to lower the barrier to doing talks and workshops by not making presentation "decks of slides" (for PowerPoint, etc.). I'm finding that, as we go through the talk, people have questions and instead of showing... Continue Reading →

Tips for first timers attending SANS events

This is a guest post by Ori. In the past 12 months I attended two SANS training events as a Work Study participant and decided to write this post based on my observations. SANS Institute is the biggest player in information security education field with the best and brightest instructors and unmatched content quality. This... Continue Reading →

Adafruit + iWALK 2.0 = Blinky, Mechanized Micah

The Background In March 2018, I was playing volleyball and broken my 5th metatarsal, a small, weight-bearing bone in my foot. When I went into for an X-ray, the doctor told me that it was the most frequestly broken bone in the foot and that "95% of people heal up just fine in about 3... Continue Reading →

OSINT Map: A MindMap for Your Investigations

This is a guest post by Steve Hall ( Thanks for writing it Steve! I recently attended SANS Denver (SEC487) because I wanted to round out my knowledge on some of the OSINT I had been doing. The class covered multiple tools to help accomplish the task of documenting your process, one of them being... Continue Reading →

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