Imposter Feelings Resources

This year I'll be presenting a talk on Imposter Feelings or, more commonly known as Imposter Syndrome. The title of the talk is "Imposter Syndrome: I Don't Feel Like Who You Think I Am." and it is scheduled to be run at BSidesNOVA in February and BSidesCharm in April. I intend on making a fuller blog entry... Continue Reading →

My 3 Favorite OSINT Videos

There are three quick and impactful videos that I like pointing people towards when they ask about how their personal data can be used against them. All are free on YouTube. Enjoy! Data to Go Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'   See how easily freaks can take over your... Continue Reading →

Bash Prompt -PS1

Some students in my SEC542 SANS class noted the funky Bash shell prompt I have for my terminal windows and wanted me to share it. So, this is a post to share it. My Bash shell prompt is: ┌─[HH:MM:SS]─[hostname: PresentWorkingDirectory] └──> $ and looks like this in the terminal when I took a pic of... Continue Reading →

Watching You Drink Beer

I noticed that many people on Twitter publish when they use the application. This app allows a user to "check-in" when they drink beer. They get badges, the dates and times of their drinking is noted, and many times the geographic location of where they drank is also available.....all with no authentication! Woohoo! So... Continue Reading →

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