Trump Twitter Bot

What I just made a thing on Twitter. It is a "bot". This python computer program runs on my computer and retweets Donald Trump's ( Twitter account only if the original tweet came from an Android device. Here's what it looks like for both a tweet from Trump and one that is probably not: Why... Continue Reading →

Harvesting Whois Data for OSINT

At work I was given the task of figuring out at least one method to find some of the domains that were registered by my company's employees but that we may not have known that they registered. Anyone can visit GoDaddy or PSI or 1and1 and register a domain. We wanted to find out anyone... Continue Reading →

Building the (LED) Matrix

Purpose So at work we have one of those SOC World Clocks that looks a little bit like the one below (and yes I know that London is not spelled with that many "o" letters...I found this on the Internet.). It works OK but has to be reprogrammed for daylight savings time, it loses time... Continue Reading →

Making a module for recon-ng.

I'll be the first to say it, I'm no programmer. Sure I can hack a few lines together and craft some adequate regular expressions to get 'er done but I'm no formal coder. So it was with awesome joy that I found the Recon-ng framework. Tim Tomes (@LaNMaSteR53) created/is creating an easy python-based framework that... Continue Reading →

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