Hi there! I’m Micah Hoffman, also known as “WebBreacher”.

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  • the SANS Institute as a Senior Intructor and course author of the SEC487 OSINT course.
Micah Hoffman

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  1. Hi Micah,

    I am looking into taking your class in SF in November. The SANS 542. I have a small amount of Python experience (like I can write simple scripts, not quickly…but I can do it) and am a Associate level AppSec employee at Lending Club. I want to learn pentesting but I am concerned that the class is too advanced. Can you please advise on if this is ok for beginners ? I am a security n00b so I need to learn everything. Thank you for your advice!


  2. Hello Micah,
    This is Kossi one of your old students. Please I need the link to the document that explains what factors you should look for when determining the risk score and risk level of a vulnerability.

  3. Micah ā€“ saw your talk at B-Sides DC 2017 ā€“ Iā€™m hoping that the video for that event is available soon (and has better audio quality). Please do post links to it, since it was longer and included all of your content.

  4. I am trying to place your mind map into the recommend mind map application. Is there some instruction on how to do that?

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