Mind over body

This 5 minute clip from the 2006 movie "Facing the Giants" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0805526/) recently made me think about my dedication and drive. It is "The Death Crawl Scene" where an unmotivated person shows himself and his team that if you cannot see the "finish line" you can push your body harder and farther than you thought you... Continue Reading →

Your very first hike

The weather is turning hot|cold|warm|sunny|cloudy...just like you like it. You know that there are these dirt|gravel|paved paths in some parks but never knew what they were for. You are intrigued, pulled by some primal urge to go outside and get some sun|pollen|wind on your face|body|brand new clothes. You my friend, need to... Go for a hike!... Continue Reading →

Philmont: First Day on the Trail

So our first day on the trail was really a 1/2 day on the trail since the bus to pick us up from base camp didn't get us until 1 or 2pm. We went to breakfast, went back to our tents, packed up all our gear and made a pack line (yes, this is just a... Continue Reading →

Philmont: Pre-trek Day

From Colorado to New Mexico After the Air Force Academy, Pike's Peak and the Garden of the Gods, it was time for us to head south to Philmont. We had a nutritious scout breakfast... loaded our gear into a bus and trailer... and drove south. About 3 (ish) hours later we arrived and saw our... Continue Reading →

Philmont or Bust

The Trip Our trip to Philmont Boy Scout Reservation was going to be 2 days of altitude acclimation in the Denver/Colorado Springs, Colorado area followed by a 1 day at Philmont base camp, 10 days on the trek on Philmont property then 1 day back at base camp and then home the next day. it was... Continue Reading →

Go West! Bring Your Ark! – Day 4

Arches National Park - Day 4Waking Up DryWith a yawn and a stretch and three pillows strewn across my Motel 6 bed, I awoke. I was dry and comfortable.  During the night we rotated clothes and gear into the bathroom and in front of the AC to dry them. The floor was beginning to look like... Continue Reading →

Go West! Bring Your Ark! – Day 3

And the Rains CameMorning view from my tent towards The NeedlesI like it sometimes when I'm all cozy and dry in my tent and sleeping bag and it rains. The patter of the drops on the tent fly make a personalized drum beat for me to sleep to. Taking you back to that night of... Continue Reading →

Go West! Bring Your Ark! – Day 2

Getting ThereRoute from First Night Camp to NeedlesThe second day of our trip was to be the start of our longest back-country backpack trip. Three days and two nights out in the wild of Canyonlands' Needles District was the plan. So, we ate our breakfast, packed our gear up and drove to Needles. This brought... Continue Reading →

Go West! Bring Your Ark! – Day 1

The BackgroundA good friend of mine in the Boy Scout troop my son is in approached me last year about taking an adult trip out West. My immediate response was that I had been to Las Vegas and didn't care much for the adult part. With a bewildered stare, he explained that he meant men only,... Continue Reading →

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