I made a tool called SMART (Start Me Aggregated Resource Tool) at It grabs data from all the OSINT-focused sites and puts them in one place.

But why, Micah? Why?

I love that there are so many OSINT resources out there for us to use. From the site to all the sites that have popped up in the past years, the amount of OSINT resources being shared is STAGGERING!

The problem? You have to visit every to access their data. You cannot go to one site and just type in your search terms and see resources across ALL OSINT sites…..until SMART.

So what is SMART?

SMART ( is the web interface to a HUGE amount of data retrieved from over 300 OSINT-focused pages. Behind the scenes, the data retrieval program crawls each public OSINT, retrieving its resources and tagging them. Then, if the program finds a link to another, it goes to that site and grabs that data…and so on.

This program takes minutes to run and outputs a file that has over 84,000 OSINT resources for you. You visit the SMART page and type in what you are looking for in the search field and you instantly have access to the data from all those sites. Saves you time!

Are there caveats?

Of course there are:

  • BE CAREFUL when visiting any of these links and resources. SMART is aggregating the resources and it is up to you to vet and validate the resources before using them. This is why the SMART tool does not have hyperlinks. This way you cannot accidentally click on a malicious link.
  • SMART only grabs data from pages. If your favorite OSINT person has a blog or other web site, their resources won’t be in here unless someone put those resources into a
  • Are there old and bad links in there? Absolutely! Some pages haven’t updated their resources in years (using SMART I found a I put up in 2018 that I had forgotten about!).
  • If an OSINT page is not linked to other pages, SMART will not find them. My suggestion is to get your site on and then my tool will easily find it.
  • Does this mean all those pages are less useful? Oh no….quite the opposite. Without motivated OSINT enthusiasts making their pages, SMART could not exist.

Anything interesting in the data?

Absolutely. I’ve found some great nuggets already. I’ll leave it up to you to find more.

Couldn’t someone use this for promotion?

As a recovering cyber security offensive security person, I always try to figure out how something could be weaponized or misused by people. For example, someone could create an OSINT page that is linked to by others and is just stocked with URLs making advertisements and such. If I or people in the community point these out to me ([email protected]), I will block the site from being included in SMART.


The SMART tool has several user interface options you should know about:

  1. A disclaimer reminding you that there may be malicious data in it.
  2. A drop down list to choose how many results show on a page.
  3. The search field (with example “webbreacher” text).
  4. Icons you can click on to sort the columns.

Enjoy and please let me know if you find this useful or have suggestions to make it better.

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