Recon-ng: Profiler Module

My newest recon-ng module, "profiler", ┬áis going to really blow you away. It doesn't do anything miraculous like crypto or ZigBee or SCADA but it does make it easy for you to get information about users on the Internet. Here is the basic premise: you want to find out if a certain user name exists... Continue Reading →

"Cracking" Hashes with recon-ng and bozocrack

The other day I came across a database dump that had user login names and hashed passwords. I had over 1,000 of them and they were SHA256 hashes. I remembered that there was some tool that could perform Google look-ups for hashes and asked the Twitter-verse for help. Wouldn't you know that the first person... Continue Reading →

Making a module for recon-ng.

I'll be the first to say it, I'm no programmer. Sure I can hack a few lines together and craft some adequate regular expressions to get 'er done but I'm no formal coder. So it was with awesome joy that I found the Recon-ng framework. Tim Tomes (@LaNMaSteR53) created/is creating an easy python-based framework that... Continue Reading →

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