This page has links to some of the talks and recorded webcasts that I’ve done.

My Talks

Moving Past Just Googling It: Harvesting and Using OSINT | SANS@MIC Talk – May 2020

Layer8 (2019) – Micah Hoffman – Getting the Good Stuff: Understanding the Web to Achieve Your OSINT Goals

DEF CON 26 (2018) RECON VILLAGE – WebBreacher – Core OSINT Keeping Track of and Reporting All the Things

Imposter Syndrome – BSidesDC (2017)

DEF CON 26 (2018) RECON VILLAGE -WebBreacher – Introducing YOGA Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer

OSINT – Running Away From Security: How Your Online Data Can Hurt You – BSidesDC (2015)

Joining the Infosec Community – BSidesDC (2016)

My Webcasts

OSINT Trilogy: OSINT for Defenders

OSINT Trilogy: OSINT for Pentesters

OSINT Trilogy: OSINT for Everyone

Profiling Online Personas (OSINT)

Practical OSINT: Six Tips for Starting an Effective Investigation

Easier Web App Pen Testing by Leveraging Plugins and Extensions


OSINTCurious Content

I’ve recorded a bunch of 10 Minute Tip OSINT videos and webcasts with the project.

Paul Security Weekly #629 – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in Cyber

Paul Security Weekly #434 – Interview with Micah Hoffman

Other Videos

What OSINT Assessments are Like

OSINT – Data To Go

OSINT – Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

OSINT – See how easily freaks can take over your life

Social Engineering –  Jimmy Kimmel, What’s Your Password?

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