This page has links to many of the talks and recorded webcasts that I’ve done in the past.


Imposter Syndrome – BSidesCharm 2017

Imposter Syndrome – BSidesNoVA 2017

Joining the Infosec Community – BSidesDC 2016

Running Away From Security: How Your Online Data Can Hurt You – BSidesDC 2015


Profiling Online Personas (OSINT)

Practical OSINT: Six Tips for Starting an Effective Investigation

Easier Web App Pen Testing by Leveraging Plugins and Extensions


Security Weekly #434 – Interview with Micah Hoffman

Robin Wood’s Slide Voiceover

This is my recording of Robin “Digininja” Wood’s slides. I never saw Robin’s presentation…just got his slides.

Robin was asked for his slides and tweeted, “They dont make much sense without the narration but here are the slides from my Tech for Troops talk on wifi leakage.” ( The PDF of his preso is

He said he didn’t plan on doing a sound track to his slides. I took that as a challenge so I recorded his audio track for him.

Oh…BTW, I was sick when I recorded this so if the audio does not sound very good you know why. Apologies but viruses are viruses.

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