Career Days

I have had (and continue to have) the pleasure of helping my two children learn and grow into the amazing, wonderful young adults that they are today. Every year their schools have "Career Days" where people in the community take some time away from their work and share with students what it is like to... Continue Reading →

Hearing the feedback?

Those of you that read my blog and maybe know me in person/on Twitter know that I love teaching. I think it mostly stems from not getting enough attention as a kid. ūüėČ [Just kidding Ma.]This past year I had the honor of presenting to both of my kids' schools about my work and what... Continue Reading →

Home Internet Security: Untangle Next Generation (NG) Firewall – Part 2

Let's dive deeper into the configuration options of the Untangle¬†Firewall.NetworkThe "Network" config option has all the info to set up the device to talk on your network.¬†I should mention now that to "close" a panel, you need to visit the lower right of your screen and choose an option. I say this because, on my... Continue Reading →

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