DEX Talk Notes

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Dutch DEX-XL conference in The Netherlands. I'm trying to lower the barrier to doing talks and workshops by not making presentation "decks of slides" (for PowerPoint, etc.). I'm finding that, as we go through the talk, people have questions and instead of showing... Continue Reading →

Adafruit + iWALK 2.0 = Blinky, Mechanized Micah

The Background In March 2018, I was playing volleyball and broken my 5th metatarsal, a small, weight-bearing bone in my foot. When I went into for an X-ray, the doctor told me that it was the most frequestly broken bone in the foot and that "95% of people heal up just fine in about 3... Continue Reading →

Privacy and Swag at Conferences

Seems like every week there is an infosec conference happening somewhere in the world. With the┬áBSides┬áseries of events as well as the premier conferences (not to mention vendor events), options abound. Experienced attendees are well-aware of all the private data that gets disclosed to the venue, the sponsors and exhibitors at many of these events.... Continue Reading →

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