We are Running Away from Security.

Lately I’ve been doing more Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) work where I look on the Internet for information about a subject and then compile it into a dossier. They can be very powerful and present a compelling picture.

I gave “Running away from Security” talks at both BSidesCharm and BsidesBoston this year (and at CircleCityCon next week). It is about how our exercise-tracking web apps make us even more vulnerable to OSINT collection. The Boston conference was recorded and the video of the talk is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ma_0WHeyHag.

One thing to note is that, a person in the video (the very last question) asked why I only used examples of women in the talk. I’d never thought about it before (as I mentioned in the video). Afterward, I challenged myself to see if I could substitute a male subject for one of the examples I use and, sure enough, I not only could/did but it made my presentation even more balanced and valuable.

So, “Thanks!” to the woman that asked that question! Appreciate the feedback.

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