Changing your location manually in Chrome and Firefox

Our modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox¬†(as well as Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari) have the abilities to use our current location using a variety of techniques. Most of the time, the browser will prompt the user and ask for permission to use the current location on some web site. That... Continue Reading →

Ghostery: A Browser Extension You Need

What if you were driving down the highway in your car and had to slow down every mile to read an advertisement? And what if those advertisers knew where you had been and who had gone with you? That would annoy and cause concern for many people but we tolerate this on our computers and... Continue Reading →

Web Hacking Firefox Plugins

When conducting a penetration test of a web application, it is very helpful to have some additional functionality built into our web browsers. My primary browser I use for conducting assessments is Mozilla's Firefox. Firefox Add-ons I Use AdBlock Plus - I disable this AdBlocker while testing as I want to see all the images... Continue Reading →

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