Philmont: Day 3, Divergence

This was a hard day but not for physical reasons. Our sick scout did not get better during the night and our adult advisors (and our ranger) agreed that he needed more help than our little crew could provide him. We decided that, while the crew hiked north, Anna, the scout and one adult would... Continue Reading →

Philmont: The Second Day

After an uneventful night, we woke and broke down our tents. The scouts went and got the bear bags down and brought our smellables back to us. We divided up the troop gear (pots, food, etc.), grabbed our personal mess kits (bowls, sporks, plates, cups) and packed them in our backpacks. In pairs, we opened... Continue Reading →

Philmont or Bust

The Trip Our trip to Philmont Boy Scout Reservation was going to be 2┬ádays of altitude acclimation in the Denver/Colorado Springs, Colorado area followed by a 1 day at Philmont base camp, 10 days on the trek on Philmont property then 1 day back at base camp and then home the next day. it was... Continue Reading →

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