2020-March SANS @MIC: “Moving Past Googling It” Companion Post

For over a year now, I’ve switched my default presentation style from PowerPoint slides to live demos. I love the flexibility and the excitement as, even though I have preplanned what sites and techniques I’ll be using during the talk, I never really know what is going to come up on the screen.

Many of you have probably been visited by the “Demo Gods” during a talk and had technical issues or things that worked right 2,000 times before and just went wonky when you gave your talk. Happens to me too and I’ve started embracing the random failure. See, every one of us is human [insert CAPTCHA joke here] and we mess up. Thing is that we can move through most problems and learn from them. This failure –> learning cycle is important to growth.

So, while my talks are mostly demo and don’t really use PowerPoint slides anymore, I still have web sites and tools that I talk about that I’d like to share with the attendees. That is what this blog post is…the links and tools from my SANS @MIC talk on 16 March 2020 on “Moving Past Just Googling It: Harvesting and Using OSINT”.

Below are the sites and tools I discussed in the talk. There are few explanations below as I explained them in the talk!

General Links


Social Media Section

Breach Data

Whois Data

  • https://viewdns.info – Site for performing a variety of DNS, domain, IP, and whois lookups.
  • Instant Data Scraper – Google Chrome/Brave browser extension that downloads HTML table data as CSV or XLSX files.
  • https://www.maltego.com/products/ – Maltego CaseFile allows us to import a CSV of related data and display it in meaningful ways to highlight key relationships.


  • https://osintcurio.us has a huge number of excellent, free, OSINT resources from blogs to 10 Minute Tip YouTube videos to a biweekly webcast/podcast.
  • https://sans.org/sec487 – Link to the SEC487 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) class I wrote and teach.
  • https://giac.org/gosi – Link to the upcoming certification for the SANS SEC487 course!

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