OSINT Resource Classification System (ORCS)

The OSINT Resource Classification System (ORCS https://orcs.osint.ninja) has a huge goal: to provide a common categorization/classification system for OSINT resources.

My hope is that our OSINT and ThreatIntel community can come together and agree on some sort of organization system for OSINT resources so that when you visit one site like http://osintframework.com and look for something, other sites like https://technisette.com will have the same categorizations.

The benefits are huge for users and for site/resource owners:

  • Faster access of resources
  • Don’t have to come up with your own naming schemes
  • Cross-site normalization

The plea

I cannot do this alone. In fact, I’m just trying to start the conversation. People that have these start.me sites and PDF resource lists need to want this too or it will not be implemented.

We have a private channel in the Rocket Chat https://osint.team server for discussions if you are interested.


(Orc image from https://pixabay.com/en/orc-face-mug-horns-no-background-3187977/)

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