Security Company or ???

Ever play that game with fortune cookies where you add “in bed” to whatever fortune you get and it dramatically changes how you look at the words of wisdom you just received? A sample innocuous fortune might be “You will be happy and content” which, by itself, is comforting. Now read the fortune and add “in bed” to the end which will change this harmless, relaxing fortune into something a little more risque, “You will be happy and content in bed“.

While walking the expo floor at a recent conference, I started looking at the names of the myriad companies that had booths. Every now and then my friend and I would giggle as, forgive my high school sense of humor, some of the names sounded like erectile dysfunction remedies, condom-testing firms, and, well, just made us giggle.

While *I* was having this thought, it appeared that Mike Poor (my friend and colleague) had the same reaction to some of the names. He tweeted:


Want to do a disclaimer here that these companies are probably really good at what they make and do…they just had names that made me giggle. I mean no disrespect and wish no harm should come to them, their employees, their brands, their business….but their names made me giggle.

So, now that I’ve tainted your perspective, let me show you some of the names of the companies that I saw on the exhibit floor of the conference. Think to yourself, what do they do? Test condoms? Help men with penile problems? Information security?

Oh, I dare you to try not to giggle.


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